Opening party boat

To kick off our amazing 12th lustrum, we’ll have an amazing opening party! Make sure you study your sea shanties because for this party we’ll be on a boat! 

The boat will arrive at Steiger 14, central station, at 20:00. There you will be welcomed with an opening drink (we promise it will be something nicer than Absolut Vodka this time) and you can enter the boat. We will depart at 21:00 so make sure you’re on time because this is a boat you don’t want to miss!

After we depart, the party will really break loose. There’s a huge budget for beer and wine so everyone can knock themselves out in proper VSAE fashion. This will of course also be accompanied by a lovely DJ and that lovely boat vibe. 

We will arrive back at central station at 1:00, after which you can dive into the Amsterdam nightlife (or try to save some energy for the rest of the week). This is a party you definitely won’t want to miss so make sure you buy your tickets now!