Business Orientation Days 2020

Amber Nagelhout
19 oktober 2020

On the 6th and 7th of October, the Business Orientation Days took place for the 23rd time. This event is organized by a committee consisting of both members of the study associations VSAE and FSA. 

It is an event that connects future employees with future employers during various activities like presentations, workshops, individual meetings and dinners. For those who weren’t able to attend this event, for those who were present but want to re-live these wonderful days and for those who attended the event and are thinking about joining the Business Orientation Days committee, we’ve asked some questions to Amber Nagelhout (VSAE), chairman of the Business Orientation Days committee 2020, about organizing this event. 

Why did you want to organize the Business Orientation Days? 

In my first year, this was the first career event I attended. Even though there was not that much to do there for me as a first year, the event itself made a huge, lasting impression on me. When I entered the location (Royal Tropical Institute) for the second day and saw the committee take a professional picture right before the entrance, I knew one day I wanted to stand there as well.  

When did you start organizing the Business Orientation Days as a committee? 

We started organizing the BOD at the previous edition. This was the first moment where we (as a committee) talked about what we would do different in our year and how we would organize it. 

How much time did you approximately spend on organizing the Business Orientation Days weekly? 

When I applied for the committee I was told it would take me approximately 6 hours per week. How much it actually took me, I am not sure, but I am sure it took me more than those 6 hours because of the name change and all the insecurities because of the various Corona related measurements and press conferences.  

Did companies apply themselves or did you have to actively search for companies? 

Companies were approached by Kiki Lemmink (VSAE), Ruben Reijerse (VSAE) and Mathilde Terleth (FSA). They have done a fantastic job in getting companies to participate, and to keep them willing to participate in these uncertain times.  

What were the biggest obstacles you’ve faced while organizing the Business Orientation Days? 

Haha, I think this is fairly obvious. Even though at the start of the year I thought the biggest challenge would be the name change, nothing turned out to be further from the truth. The Corona virus managed to teach us a lot about finding innovations and thinking in solutions.  

What was the most fun about organizing the Business Orientation Days? 

Definitely the committee. It is a composite committee from the VSAE and FSA, so you get to know a lot of new people. Since as a committee member you experience the board change of both associations (VSAE and FSA), you also get to work with both boards from both associations. What was also really fun, was our policy weekend. Every year, the committee goes away for a weekend to get to know each other better and really bond, and we decided to go to Malaga! 

What did you learn from organizing the Business Orientation Days? 

  1. Make a schedule 

  1. Be on track with your schedule 

  1. Go back to point 1. because of a press conference. 

What can people expect when applying for the Business Orientation Days committee? 

Within the VSAE this is one of the biggest committees, where you have the opportunity to do a lot, but also to learn a lot. Since you have to work with so many students, keep two boards satisfied, and are in direct contact with very large companies, it is hard work! However, this also means you learn a lot.  

Do you have some tips for people to increase their chances to get into the committee? 

“Just be yourself, since you have to work together with a lot of people you have to have a connection with the rest of the committee.” - Sara Ouaj (committee 2019) 

Lastly I would like to thank the BOD 2020 committee for all their hard work during the last year, I would not have wanted to do it without them!

Amber Nagelhout, Chairman BOD 2020 committee

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