Traineeship Data

Solid Professionals
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Data Science
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Engels, Nederlands


Bedrijf: Solid Professionals
Type: Traineeship
Locatie: Amsterdam or Utrecht
Branch: Data
Vereisde taal: Engels of Nederlands

Traineeship Data

Have you (almost) graduated with your master’s degree in the field of Data
Science, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Mathematics or Physics?
Do you have a passion for data, and do you want to work with large
datasets for one of the largest banks in the Netherlands? Then the data
traineeship at Solid Professionals is the perfect start to your career!

What will you do?

During the data traineeship, you will work within the data/IT department of
a bank or insurance company. Together with our professionals, we will look
for a suitable position that match your profile, interests, and ambition. You
will program and/or analyse data, create predictive models, and manage
contact with stakeholders. 

Where will you end up?

Depending on your educational background and extra-curricular activities,
you will start working on a project where you will directly apply your
personal knowledge while simultaneously expanding your network. Below
are some examples of the positions within our data traineeship:

· Data collection;
· Data structure and organization; 
· Program data and/or analyse data;
· Building predictive models;
· Include and advise stakeholders on what they can do with the data.

Training and education

The data traineeship is part of the young professional program. In addition
to the fixed training program aimed at personal leadership, networking and
vitality, you will receive a personal training budget. With this budget, you
can select trainings and education packages to further develop your soft
and hard skills. With this budget, you can select your own training and
education package to further develop your soft and hard skills. Do you want
to learn more about a specific programming language? Or is your interest
more in innovative trends and developments? You choose what you are
going to do!
Furthermore, we offer optional training courses aimed at your development
as a data professional. Examples being Machine Learning and Artificial
Intelligence related topics.
What we offer
In addition to fantastic colleagues and a beautiful work location, we offer

• A good salary
• A challenging training program
• Intensive guidance by a personal talent manager
• 25 vacation days (based on 40 hours)
• A laptop and phone
• Mobility budget
• A vitality coach and the opportunity to exercise at the office
• Drinks, major events and of course our Hup Weekend

Solid Professionals

In recent years, Solid Professionals has grown into the largest player in
finance, risk, data and development within the financial sector. Due to
permanent dynamics within and outside the sector, many organizations
have a strong need for high-quality and specialized knowledge and
capacity. Solid Professionals supports this through a combination of
consultancy, interim professionals, and our unique young professional
program. We always work based on trust and the conviction "Fair is best".

This is a Great Place To Work!

This year, Solid Professionals is also among the top ten Best Workplaces in
the Netherlands of which we are very proud! You can read here what the
Best Workplace quality mark entails.

The Hup

Solid Professionals is part of The Hup, a home and base for professionals in
all kinds of fields. All based on the conviction: work should make you happy.
In short, the Hup, with the P for people, means that we work for and with
people! For more information, visit our website.

Contact Details:
06 12913637