VSAE Library

Due to the limited number of spots in the libraries, and the growing demand for places to study away from home, the VSAE has decided to help. From November 30th untill December 18th, you will have the opportunity to study with fellow VSAE-ers at the locations provided by the VSAE in collobaration with IWGPLC. This is to help you prepare for the upcoming exams!

What is it exactly?

In this collaboration, the VSAE will offer places to study for its members. We are organising this together with IWGPLC, mother company of for example Regus and Spaces. IWGPLC offers 80 locations in The Netherlands, many of which are located in Amsterdam, that contain flexible work stations. VSAE will be distributing CoWorking Memberships. With these memberships, you can make unlimited use of the Business lounges in all locations (with free internet access, coffee and tea). Furthermore, for 10 days, you can book a co-working desk in all locations. On these desks, you can study peacefully. 
You can make your reservation for these desks on MyRegus.com

Important note: For the use of the business lounge, you can bring a guest for free to all locations, every day. 

How does it work? 

The first step is to sign up. The applications close on thursday November 26th at 11:59 AM. 

Important note: If you sign up, you agree to let the VSAE automatically collect €10 from your bank account if you are selected

If you have been selected, we will contact you with the good news. We will supply you with the account details, which you can use to sign in and make the reservations on MyRegus.com.
You can also see all the locations you can visit on MyRegus.com

Finally, you can make use of the services at the location you choose yourself! 

Important note: We highly advice you to plan and use all 10 of the days you can use at the private desk, before the deadline.