Every two years, the VSAE publishes an Almanac in which all projects and committees of the VSAE of the last two years are discussed, based on a theme. The Almanac is filled with pictures, columns and interviews. Each VSAE committee contributes to creating the Almanac. As an Almanac committee member, you are responsible for creating this beautiful book. The theme needs to be thought off, the layout needs to be determined and the content has to be superb. This committee will take in between 4-6 hours in the week and consists of 6 members including a chairman.

Do you want to know more about a committee? Send an email to to schedule a cup of coffee with Damla Baybar (Internal Affairs).

Randy Griekspoor

Esmée van Keulen

Committee members
Joya da Silva Patricio Gomes
Emma Kasteleyn
Michelle Arens
Maria Floricel