For the student

What is the Analytics Academy?

The Analytics Academy is an initiative of the VSAE, where students are given the opportunity to act as a quantitative consultant and apply their theoretical knowledge on real data from non-profit organisations. Each semester, several partner organisations are participating, each with a unique case and unique data (more on this below!). These partner organisations have developed a business question, and the task is up to you to be their consultant: to formulate a research question, to do research with the given data, and finally to provide the organisation with tailor-made advice, supported by your research. As a Analytics Academy analyst, you will work in groups of four VSAE students and you will be working on the case for approximately four hours per week.

Which organisations are participating this semester? 

We’re glad you asked. This semester’s partner organisations will be announced later. For more information check the Impact Projects tab.

Why should I join?

Apart from a great time where you will meet and work closely with fellow students, you will also greatly practice your data science skills by working on a real project. On top of that, several companies organise workshops on relevant topics to help each group with their project. Previous workshops have been on data visualisation, leadership, python, Microsoft Excel and more. Participating in the Analytics Academy is also a great opportunity to boost your cv!

How can I join?

If you are interested in the Analytics Academy, come to the Kick-Off on February 23rd from 17:00 (location will be announced later), where all the projects for the spring round will be presented and you will get the opportunity to ask questions! You can apply as an analyst by sending an email to before March 3nd 2024 23:59, after which you will be contacted to plan an interview.

Any questions? Contact us at