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Actuarial Science
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About Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap

Formed in 1888, The Royal Dutch Actuarial Association (Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap, AG) aims to position the profession against relevant social issues. The association keeps track of developments and trends in the pension, insurance and healthcare industries as well as data science, risk management, sustainability and climate change.

We regard it as one of our objectives to communicate, inform and be available for our members, stakeholders, supervisory authorities, political institutions and the general public on actuarial matters. Where possible we take initiatives and look for opportunities for cooperation with other stakeholders.

 About the profession

Essentially, actuarial professionals provide financial institutions, businesses and government bodies with the information needed to make well-considered decisions. They think out scenarios to identify, quantify and explain the risks involved and subsequently come up with solutions. Traditionally, actuarial professionals are employed within the insurance and pension industries, but the emergence of data has made it that pretty much any industry can benefit from bringing them on board.

If you really love maths and want a rewarding career where you can really make a difference, the actuarial profession is for you!

For more information please contact us info@ag-ai.nl or visit our website https://www.ag-ai.nl/ActuarieelGenootschap.