New International Students

Hey there, new Actuarial Science, Econometrics or Business Analytics student (short AE BAN)!

We are the study association of all AE BAN students, called the VSAE. What does that mean? In the Netherlands almost every student joins a study association matching their field of study. The VSAE is an association supporting all AE BAN students in their academic as well as social life at the UvA. We organize both career oriented as well as purely social events and trips, sponsored by some of the biggest companies in the Netherlands. We are there to help out all international (and Dutch!) AE BAN students and offer any other kind of support.

The first and most crucial event of the year takes place at the end of August and is the VSAE Introduction Camp. Have a look here and make sure you do not miss this.

Why do you need to become a member of the VSAE?

  • 15% book discount
  • 25% tutoring discount
  • Exam database with almost all old exams and summaries for the hardest courses
  • Social events, like monthly drinks, activities and trips
  • Career events to orientate yourself on your future

All this for only 20 euros once. By just using the book discount for the first period, you have already earned back your money! 

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us!