Spotlight on committee: Actuariaatcongres 2019

Spotlight on committee: Actuariaatcongres 2019

Eli van Baar
08 maart 2019

From left to right: Eli, Leonieke, Godelieve, Boaz, Teska, Salomé, Floris

In this rubric, we ask a particular committee a few informal questions, that give a peek into the lives of the committee members. This week: the Actuariaatcongres 2019 committee! These are the questions:

1. What is most fun about organising the Actuariaatcongres?
2. What is your job in the organisation of the congress?
3. What is the first thing that comes to mind, thinking about your childhood?
4. Guilty pleasure?
5. What's your favorite book/show/film?
6. Would you prefer to receive a 9 for you bachelor's thesis, or have 4 extra sponsorships for the congress?
7. What's on your bucket list?
8. When was the last time you were nervous?
9. Which animal would you be? Why?
10. What's your best quality?
11. Where do you see yourself in 19.57 years?
12. Which country would be your favorite destination for vacation?
13. What's your favorite snack?
14. Most played song?
15. What would've been your name if you would've been the other sex?
16. Favorite season of the year?

Eli van Baar - Chairman

1. Organising something that actually has impact on people and speeching in front of a big crowd.
2. My job was to lead the committee throughout the year, keep track of all developments and open/close the congress.
4. Pulling out pieces of dust out of the charger hole of my phone.
6. Those extra sponsorships ofcourse!!
9. I would be a platypus. No reason.
12. Australia!
13. Candy. All kinds of candy.
14. How much a dollar cost - Kendrick Lamar

Teska Vaessen - Coordinator

1. It's a major congress for about 200 actuaries. I think it's special to organise this event with only a group of 7 students.
2. This year, I was the coordinator from the board, so my job was to accompany the committee, along with chairman Eli. Last year, I was in the committee myself. Then, I was responsible for location and magazine.
8. Last monday, just before the congress!
13. Maccie
15. Stijn
16. Spring, because then, the sun finally gets out there.

Floris de Widt - Speakers

1. It's unique how a group of 7 students organise such a major event. It's actually bizarre, how these big names from the actuarial world come to speak at this congress, especially considering that there are no financial compensations for these speakers.
2. I was responsible for speakers and chairman of the day.
4. Lil' kleine
5. Inception
6. A 9 for my thesis please.
7. I would like to skydive once. 
12. I would love to visit Japan. Japan looks like a beautiful country, and differs greatly from the western world. 

Salomé van Stuivenberg - Acquisition

1. To organise a congress for so many professionals and getting the hang of organising such a major event.
2. With Boaz, I was responsible for the acquisition of sponsors.
3. Yoghurt raisins from the Hema in those Jip&Janneke boxes, trampoline jumping and walky talkies.
4.Temptation Island and cheesefondue.
5. Show: Gossip Girl, Film: Greenbook, Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
7. I'd rather have the 9 for my thesis.
11.  Married to Frenkie de Jong.
16.  Summer, a lot of vacations and sitting on terraces drinking rose all day.

Leonieke Bardelmeijer - Website and Magazine

1. Learning to use InDesign and the amusing committee.
2. Managing the website and making the magazine with Godelieve.
4. Maccie after going out.
5. Narcos
6. A 9 for my thesis!!
9. A cat: sleep tight, eat and be rubbed and petted.
7. Spring. During the whole winter, I look forward to that first day of spring where you don't have to wear your big jacket and can just bike in the sun.

Godelieve ten Have - Location and Magazine

1. The amusement within the committee and the bitterballen on the congress.
2. Location & Magazine. Next year, I'll be the coordinator.
3. Eating ice cream at Tofani on the Nieuwmarkt.
4. While hungover, eating potato chips as breakfast and watching a show such as Suits!
5. White collar, Prison break, Gossip girl or Suits.
6. Definitely a 9 for my thesis.
8. I was very nervous for the announcement of the VSAE board.
9. A cat. That is my spirit animal, because they're just as sassy as me.
13. Cheese croissant from the Krater.
15. Jonathan

Boaz Brunsting - Acquisition

1. I thought it was neat to see the congress coming together in the last few months. However the most fun I ever had were the meetings at 9 PM, I was always very active on those!
2. With Salomé, I was responsible for the acquisition of sponsors.
3. I used to fall off the stairs often, before I had glasses :(.
4. Hardstyle/hardcore festivals.
9. A koala,they sleep for 22 hours per day! 
11. On a uninhabited island.
14. A2M - I Got Bitches