An interview with Chiara Lattanzi | IMC

An interview with Chiara Lattanzi | IMC

Sven Geerlings
02 oktober 2023

Chiara didn’t know much about the world of market making. A year later, the Trader speaks of the personal and professional benefits of in-depth training, ownership from day one, and a focus on global collaboration at IMC.

What sparked your interest in IMC Trading? How did you come to know about us?
I stumbled upon the world of market making online. The industry seemed to best match my personality (I’m a very dynamic person who gets bored easily) and interests in statistics, finance, and tech. Choosing IMC was a no-brainer: the company culture champions collaboration, openness, and taking ownership, which really resonates with me. Almost a year in, I can confirm I definitely made the right choice.

Can you describe what a typical day looks like for you?
I come into the office before the market opens to prepare my trading setup and ensure I have visibility on all the real-time information I need. I also discuss the news and overnight flows that could affect market dynamics with my team. When the market opens, that’s when the real action begins. No two days are the same. Some are dedicated to long-term trading execution or strategy projects, while others are focused on operations, thinking about the exposures we want to gain, executing trades accordingly, and quickly reacting to market moves. 

Which qualities or skills are essential for excelling in your role?
As a trader, you must be methodical, consistent, and disciplined. You’re surrounded by different information, and a good trader is able to focus in on what matters most. You should also be curious, imaginative, and creative, in order to come up with new solutions and strategies to stay top of market. Finally, proactive, effective, and quick communication is crucial. Having skin in the game really puts you in the driver’s seat of your career.

What motivates and drives you to perform at your best?
In trading, the feedback loop is really fast. If you dedicate yourself to understanding the problem and pushing your limits, you’ll see positive outcomes in a relatively short timeframe. Plus, the sense of ownership and the potential to make a tangible impact from the start of your career is highly motivating. It pushes me to bring my A-game to the trading floor every day.

What about IMC impresses you the most?
The thing that impresses me most is the emphasis IMC puts on global knowledge-sharing and collaboration. When you first join as a graduate trader, you take part in a Global Trainee Program as well as local programs. This amounts to 15 weeks of in-class teaching, a mix of theory and practice that gives you a sound understanding of trading and market making. It also helps you build a network of relationships across all the offices. I have friends and colleagues in every region and know I can rely on each one of them in the future. 

What valuable advice do you have for individuals applying to IMC Trading?
If you have a passion for financial markets and enjoy problem-solving, IMC is the place for you. The interview process is challenging but enjoyable, and you’ll have the opportunity to work with colleagues across the company and get to know various areas of the business. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and be prepared to play some market-making games as well!

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