The Experience

Are you currently in the second/third year of your Bachelor or in your Master and are you still not sure where or in which sector you want to work after you’ve completed your studies? You are definitely not alone, there are many students facing this problem. So, no worries, we are here to rescue you!

 The Experience is a career event aiming to let students experience the atmosphere at a selection of companies. This year, in April, we’ll visit four companies in five days and each company will represent a field of Econometrics and Actuarial Science. This is a great way to get to know the different companies, sectors and experience what it is like to work there.

As committee we are very proud to announce the 5 participating companies:

  • 8th of April (afternoon): All Options

  • 11th of April (Morning): Da Vinci Derivatives

  • 13th of April (afternoon): IMC

  • 14th of April (afternoon): House of Bèta

  • 15th of April (afternoon): ENDYMION Amsterdam

During the inhouse days you will be able to earn points and great prizes will be awarded to the participants with the most points! The prices will be anounced in a couple weeks, so look out for that.

Are you interested to orientate on your future career steps and compete for the fabulous prizes? Or just interested in visiting some of the participating companies? Sign up now with your anonymized resume!

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